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Thuja plicata whipcord - total height 40+ cm - pot 5 ltr
Thuja plicata Whipcord Western red cedar

€ 24,95

per piece


Thuja is a beautiful and easy evergreen hedge plant. That makes it extremely well suited to fence off your garden, driveway or terrace. You may know Thuja plants under a more common name: cedars or arborvitaes. They are common as ornamental trees and as strong hedging plants; they create a large amount of privacy, as they have a voluminous growth. They are known to be strong and vigorous as well as being nearly maintenance free. Cedar wood has a pleasant smell and does not decay quickly.

Are you looking for a Thuja hedge for your garden, or simply for a solitary conifer tree to boost the ornamental value of your garden? Take a look at the large range of plants of MyPalmShop. In our range of plants you can find various species of Thuja with each their own appearance and characteristics.

Various species of Thuja cedars

Thuja is the name for a collection of 5 species and many more subspecies of conifers. For example, Thuja occidentalis Brabant is a common coniferin Europe. It is hardy, evergreen and easily pruned. Its ease of pruning allows you to keep it in your preferred shape. Its dense growth creates privacy and the green colour gives your garden a natural look. It can be planted as a hedging plant but will do well as a solitary in a pot as well.

Aside from Thuja occidentalis Brabant, there are many more (sub)species of Thuja, such as Thuja occidentalis Danica, a small and round conifer, or Thuja occidentalis Smaragd. The latter is a real eye catcher when shaped in a conical spiral. Depending on your wishes, you can find plenty of options in our range of Thuja plants.

Buy your Thuja cedar trees at MyPalmShop

Would you like to order a Thuja hedge or a Thuja conifer in a container? MyPalmShop can help you. Our specialists only select plants based on their quality, health and appearance. You can be sure to receive plants of excellent quality that allow you to enjoy them for many years to come.

Are you still hesitating about the right species of Thuja for your hedge? Or would you like to know which plants can be combined with Thuja? Contact our customer support. Our specialist can tell you anything you want to know. With their advices, they can help you maintain your plants and create a true garden paradise.