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Laurus nobilis - total height 40-60 cm - pot Ø 23 cm
Laurus nobilis Bay laurel

€ 14,95

per piece

Cherry Laurel fertilizer 3 kg

€ 17,95

per piece

Pittosporum tobira 'Nanum' - total height 30-50 cm - pot Ø 26 cm - 8 ltr
Pittosporum tobira Nanum Australian laurel

€ 29,95

per unit

Laurel plant (Laurus)

The Laurus, better known as laurel, is a dark green tree or shrub that has shiny leaves all year round. The laurel leaves are known for their aromatic taste, and are therefore regularly added to various dishes. As this plant is full of leaves throughout the year, it is ideal to use for wind protection and privacy.


In our webshop you will find several types of laurel plants. The Laurus nobilis is available in various sizes, from 30 cm to 160 cm (1 foot to 5 feet). This laurel produces beautiful, small flowers. The plant can be placed indoors or outdoors in a sunny spot. Prunus laurocerasus Novita is a fast growing laurel tree with glossy, dark green foliage. Because of its rapid growth, this plant can be ideally used for hedging. The Novita is very resistant to diseases. The laurel tree is available with root ball. Take a look at our beautiful hedges and shrubs!