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Punica granatum Dente di Cavallo pot Ø 38 cm [pallet]

€ 109,95

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Punica granatum Dente di Cavallo - pot Ø 50 cm [pallet]

€ 214,95

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Despite that you mean not recognize the name Punica granatum immediately, there is a good chance that you do know this tree. It is better known as the pomegranate, after the fruit is produces. It is sometimes also named as the pomegranate tree or pomegranate shrub. Would you like to buy a Punica granatum? You have found the right place to do so. Choose for a Punica granatum and benefit from the beauty of this tree and the freshness of the fruit. Ready here why this tree is an amazing addition to your garden or terrace.

Punica decorates with red flowers

A Punica granatum, with its elegant leaves and ornamental flowers, add a hint of beauty and vitality to any outdoor area. The tree starts as a shrub, but grows to a tree of 3-5 metres tall, sometimes even reaching a height of 8 metres. The beautiful leaves of a pomegranate have a reddish or yellowish glow, depending on the season. During Summer, the tree produces red flowers and pomegranate fruit. Whether you have a large garden or a modest terrace, this tree can adapt to it and turn your area into a lush green landscape.

Maintaining your pomegranate tree

To keep your pomegranate in optimal condition, we recommend the following:

  1. Place the tree in full sun and provide well drained soil. If placed in a pot, ensure the pot has drainage holes.
  2. Water the tree regularly during Spring and summer, but avoid keeping the soil too wet.
  3. Prune the tree during February to keep the crown compact.
  4. During the growth seasons, we recommend using fertilizers such as the slow release plant fertilizer.

Winter protection Punica

Punica is somewhat hardy. It is most commonly kept in a container in northwestern Europe. Place the tree indoors or at a sheltered location – avoid severe frost with a pomegranate. Ideal winter temperatures are between 10 and -5 degrees Celsius. A cold garage or shed are good options.

Harvesting pomegranates

An adult Punica granatum with sufficient sunlight can produce pomegranates. These pomegranates are rip in fall, usually between September and October. They do need good summer conditions, however. A pomegranate has a shelf life of up to six months and contains a lot of vitamin C. A great fruit to produce yourself!

Buying a pomegranate at MyPalmShop

At MyPalmShop, we select each Punica granatum individually and carefully for the highest quality, longevity and ease of maintenance. Order your favourite online at MyPalmShop, from the comfort of your home. We deliver carefully and well-packed, all over Europe. You can benefit from more than pomegranates alone. We offer excellent service and maintenance tips for all your exotic plants and trees!