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Asimina triloba - total height 90+ cm - pot Ø 19 cm

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Asimina triloba Overlese - total height 80+ cm - 2 ltr pot

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Asimina triloba Mango - total height 80+ cm - 2 ltr pot Temporarily out of stock

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Asimina triloba Sweet Alice - total height 80+ cm - 2 ltr pot

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Asimina triloba Sunflower - total height 80-100 cm - 2 ltr pot

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Pawpaw tree

At MyPalmShop , we have a unique selection of paw paw trees, a remarkable tree that can transform any garden into a natural paradise. These trees are known for their beautiful flowers and delicious fruit. Discover our large range and find the perfect paw paw tree for your garden.

Characteristics of the pawpaw tree

One of the characteristics of the paw paw tree, also known as Asimina triloba, is that they grow slowly, with larger trees growing about 20 cm per year. It reaches a height of between 6-8 metres. This tree can be kept at any heigh by pruning, which can be done in winter as well. This makes a paw paw tree suitable for many different sizes and styles of gardens.

Flowering of paw paw trees

The flowering period of a paw paw tree happens from April until May and lasts about 3 weeks. The flowers are striking with their dark brown colour and bell shape. They are produced on the bare branches. A remarkable aspect is that it does not get pollinated by bees, but by carrion flies and beetles. These pollinators are attracted by the specific time of the flowering, that coincides with the awakening of the carrion flies.

Fruit of paw paw trees

The fruit of a paw paw trees are just as special as its flowering. Appearance wise, they look like a thick sausage or potato, but they are surprisingly sweet and aromatic. The flavour is similar to a mix of banana, mango and pineapple. These fruit vary in length from about 7 to 15 cm and weigh up to half a kilogramme! Paw paws are very nutritious, rich in vitamin A and C and contains a significant amount of proteins. When kept in a fridge, the shelf live is 3-4 weeks.


De pawpaw boom is niet zelfbestuivend. For optimal fruit production, we recommend planting multiple different species of paw paw for cross pollination. Prima 1216 and sunflower varieties are self-pollinating, but also perform well whenever cross pollination is necessary.

Caring for a paw paw tree


Paw paw trees grow best at a sunny location with deep and well-drained soil. This allows the roots of the tree to grow and settle well. A common problem is damage to the root ball, which makes it more difficult for the tree to thrive. It is recommend to use a mulch layer and to give the plant plenty of room to grow.

Watering and protection

The humidity level of the soil is important as well, especially during drier periods. Keep the trunk of young paw paw trees protected against harsh sun and severe frosts. Although the first flowers of the year might freeze off during late frosts, the tree usually flowers again at a later time, so that you can still get a good harvest.

Buying a paw paw tree at MyPalmShop!

Are you convinced to buy a unique paw paw tree for your garden? You can certainly find one at MyPalmShop. Our assortment is guaranteed to have a suitable paw paw tree for every garden. Order your plants and trees online in our web shop and benefit from easy home delivery. We deliver orders within a short span, so that you can enjoy your new additions as early as possible. You can also visit our store in Wezep or our greenhouse in Erica. We select each tree with care, so you can be sure to receive a great addition to your in- and exteriors. Are you still unsure which tree or plants fits you best? Contact our customer service, our dedicated team of specialists is ready to help you make the best decision.