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Fig trees

Ficus carica Brown Turkey - trunk 60-80 cm - Ø 28 cm pot

€ 44,95

per piece

Ficus carica Brown Turkey - fat trunk - circumference 10-13 cm - total height 100-120 cm - pot Ø 31 cm

€ 59,95

per unit

Ficus carica Brown Turkey - trunk 50-70 cm - circumference 15-25 cm - total height 180+ cm - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]

€ 119,95

per piece

Ficus carica Brown Turkey - trunk 80-100 cm - total height 200+ - pot Ø 50 cm [pallet]

€ 174,95

per piece

Ficus carica Brown Turkey - pot Ø 70 cm [pallet]

€ 435,00

per piece

Ficus carica Brown Turkey - pot Ø 90 cm [pallet]
Ficus carica fat trunk [pallet] Fig tree - Brown Turkey

€ 1.094,95

per piece

Fig tree

The fig tree is a popular tree in Europe. It originates in Western Asia, but is commonly found in the Mediterranean basin area as well. The fig tree symbolizes beauty and exotic pleasure. MyPalmShop welcomes you to the world of the fruit tree that brings a warm, Mediterranean atmosphere into your garden.

Ficus carica in Europe

The fig tree, also known as Ficus carica, is a beautiful addition to any garden. Due to the mild winters in most climates, it can commonly be grown in Europe. This allows you to turn your garden or terrace into a paradise that will make many people jealous. The lush branches with hand-shaped leaves will spread easily along a wall, creating a beautiful green whole. Not only that, but it can be grown as a container plant as well. It can thrive in various climates and will bring a hint of tropics with it.

Caring for a fig tree

A fig tree thrives at a sunny location in will drained soil. Watering regularly is crucial, particularly during the growth season. Ensure that the soil is always humid, but not soaked. Soaked soil might cause root rot. During winter, you can provide significantly less water.

Pruning at the right moment

Pruning your fig tree is important for healthy and abundant fruit. The best time to prune is in late winter or early spring, before new growth. Remove dead branches, as well as branches that cross each other or those that grow inwards. This increases the air circulation and the sunlight penetration.

Enjoy delicious Figs

One of the largest advantages of growing fig trees is the fruit itself. If the tree feels comfortable, they will produce pear-shaped fruit. Once this fruit turns dark, they are ripe for harvesting. Figs are not only sweet and juicy, but also contain a lot of nutrients such as fibres, vitamins and minerals. They are perfect to eat fresh or to use in culinary recipes, such as salads or jams.

Fig trees indoors

If you do not have a large garden, consider growing a fig tree indoors. With the right care and sufficient sunlight, fig trees can flourish inside. This offers a unique chance to spruce up your interior with a hint of green. With delicious figs at hand, you can make delicious compotes, salads or yoghurts. In short: the fig tree is ideal for indoors as well!

Buying fig trees at MyPalmShop

At MyPalmShop, you can find a wide range of fig trees, suited for indoors as well as outdoors. Our passion for exotic plants and trees leads to carefully selected, high-quality trees. Choose from a diverse selection of varieties, such as the popular and hardy ‘Brown Turkey’ fig trees. Our expert selection ensures that you get healthy and beautiful specimens.