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Fargesia robusta Campbell

Fargesia robusta Campbell - total height 60+ cm - pot 2 ltr Temporarily out of stock
Fargesia robusta Campbell Non-invasive bamboo

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Fargesia robusta Campbell

Fargesia robusta Campbell is a beautiful, non-invasive bamboo that remains deep green in winter. In addition, the stems of the plant have a unique appearance because they take on a striped pattern as they grow. You can also safely place Fargesia robusta Campbell in open ground to, for example, create a green hedge in your garden. The plant is fully hardy as well as very tough.

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As a green hedge or as a patio plant

Fargesia robusta Campbell is incredibly versatile. Because the growth of this bamboo species is very compact, Fargesia robusta Campbell remains clear and easy to keep in shape. In addition, the plant offers a lot of privacy. This plant is therefore perfect as a green hedge. By placing a few plants next to each other, for example, on a border or along a driveway, you can easily create an evergreen hedge that requires little maintenance.

However, you can also choose to place Fargesia robusta Campbell in a container and show it off on your patio. Thanks to the unique appearance of the plant and the vertical growth habit, Fargesia robusta Campbell bamboo is, very suitable for planting in a rectangular pot and placing it on your terrace as a divider. That way, you turn your terrace or balcony into a green environment.

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