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Fargesia jiuzhaigou

Fargesia jiuzhaigou - total height 70-90 cm - pot 2 ltr
Fargesia jiuzhaigou Non-invasive bamboo

€ 14,95

per unit

Fargesia jiuzhaigou - total height 80+ cm - pot 5 ltr
Fargesia jiuzhaigou Non-invasive bamboo

€ 29,95

per unit

Fargesia jiuzhaigou - pot 10 ltr Temporarily out of stock
Fargesia jiuzhaigou Non-invasive bamboo

€ 54,95

per unit

Fargesia jiuzhaigou

Give your garden or balcony an exotic twist with Fargesia jiuzhaigou. This plant is a non-invasive bamboo. Many species within this family are very hardy, which means they survive the cold winters perfectly. That is why it is not surprising that these bamboos are very popular.

Fargesia jiuzhaigou is suitable for many purposes. Because most species have an upright growth and grow densely, the plant is also very suitable as a hedge or as a partition, for example. When you place these in your garden, you can be sure that you will have an evergreen, dense hedge of bamboo within a few years.

Fargesia jiuzhaigou: the eye-catcher in your garden

Both its height and shape make this plant a real eye-catcher in your garden. What is also good to know is that Fargesia jiuzhaigou is clump-forming, so it does not spread through your garden. This makes it suitable as a container plant or as a solitary plant. When planting this bamboo as a solitary plant, keep the final size of the plant in mind.

What you need to know about Fargesia jiuzhaigou

Fargesia jiuzhaigou is a plant that grows fairly quickly. You can expect a growth of approximately 50 to 75 centimetres per year. In addition, it is good to know that the plant can reach a maximum height of 2.5 to 3 meters. A real eye-catcher for your garden! The plant tends to grow considerably in width as well, so do not forget about that. This makes it less suitable as a solitary plant for smaller gardens.

What are the specifications?

Fargesia jiuzhaigou bamboo is available in various varieties. The plant is always sold in a pot. To know what you are getting, we always advise you to look at the specifications that are indicated with the products. That way, you get a good idea of what you are getting.

Buy Fargesia jiuzhaigou

Would you like to buy Fargesia jiuzhaigou bamboo? You can contact us to buy Fargesia jiuzhaigou that shines in every garden. Would you like more information, or do you have questions about one of our species? Feel free to contact us. Have you made a choice? Do not wait too long to place your order before it is sold out. In any case, we will ensure that your order is shipped as quickly as possible so that you can plant your new additions as soon as possible.