The Dicksonia tree fern is perhaps the most famous tree fern and a real eye catcher. This plant originates from Australia and New Zealand. Some varieties of the Dicksonia can reach a height of up to five or six metres. The leaves are large and cover the immediate surroundings of the plant, which creates an impressive sight. This tree fern will be a striking focal point in your garden. A Dicksonia provides the garden with a unique atmosphere and takes us back to the era of the dinosaurs. With this tree fern you can add a little mystique to the atmosphere of your garden or balcony. We can ship to everywhere in Europe, including to the Nordic countries as well as the UK.

Proper care is very important

This tree fern will only grow when it receives proper care. The plant can withstand mild frosts, but at temperatures below -7 degrees Celcius it will need extra protection against the cold. It is a plant that thrives in the shade and it is important to keep its soil moist. They generally have a fairly slow growth rate, but in ideal circumstances they can grow up to 10 cm per year! If you take proper care of this fern, you will have a plant that you can enjoy for a long time to come. We have various Dicksonia's and other tree ferns for sale. Take a look at our other ferns.

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