Palms: northern gardens with a southern touch

There are many beautiful plants in Northern European gardens, but for a southern look beautiful palms are essential. And make no mistake: palm trees can thrive in Northern European gardens. The Archontophoenix, Brahea, Chamaedorea, Chamaerops, Livistona, Phoenix and Sabal are becoming increasingly popular in northern gardens. The Cycas and Dioon are related to the palm tree and provide a warm, Mediterranean look. There are even hardy palms available. At we have a large selection of palm trees, so you can always find one that suits your garden.

How do you choose a palm tree?

First of all it is important to determine whether the palm tree should be put inside or outside. For example, the Phoenix roebelenii is a popular indoor palm. If you are looking for an outdoor palm, it is important to choose a palm tree that is suited to your garden. If your garden, for example, is exposed to a lot of wind, you can opt for the Butia eriospatha and the Butia capitata. These palms have beautiful curved, wind-resistant leaves. The Trachycarpus fortunei and the Trachycarpus wagnerianus are hardy and do not need to be placed indoors during the winter. They are nice and easy to maintain! Come and take a look at our wide range. We can deliver throughout Europe. If you have any doubts about which trees best suit your interior or garden, please feel free to contact us. We have years of experience and are happy to assist you in making a choice.

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