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Howea forsteriana - total height 130-150 cm - pot Ø 20 cm
Howea forsteriana Kentia palm


Howea forsteriana - total height 160-180 cm - pot Ø 24 cm
Howea forsteriana Kentia palm


Kentia palm

The elegant leaves of Howea forsteriana make this Kentia palm the popular in the living room. Both the thin, long petioles as well as the lance-shaped leaves. Its hanging leaves look somewhat like a fountain. In combination with a beautiful pot, Howea forsteriana is a real eye catcher. It is exceptionally well suited for indoors. The plant can handle a spot without too much light well. It is easy to take care of and is very strong. The ideal indoor palm that is hard to ruin!

Would you like to add a Kentia palm to your interior? At MyPalmShop you can find many variations in various sizes. That you, you have a wide range to select your ideal plant from. If you have any questions regarding caring for Howea forsteriana, you can rely on us for fitting advice.

The beloved Howea forsteriana

Howea forsteriana is mainly known as the Kentia palm. This palm tree is extremely popular among plant lovers and homeowners due to the ornamental value and the ease of maintaining this palm. It is a strong plant by itself. It can handle low-light locations and is even slightly drought resistant. Despite the latter, you palm tree remains more beautiful if the soil is kept moist.

The low maintenance characteristic of this palm makes it exceedingly well suited for, for example, officers. You do not have to pay too much attention to keep this palm in good shape, but its elegant appearance will make any room instantly look more pleasant.

Taking care of a Howea forsteriana

Howea forsteriana is an easy and strong plant regarding maintenance. Despite that, it is better to know how to optimally care for your plant. It does not need a lot of frequent watering. Simply feel the soil before you water – if it is still humid, you will not have to water the plant. Is it still wet after a few days? Lower the water dosage. The plant does benefit from the occasional spraying of the leaves, especially in dry spots such as near a heater. This is not only beneficial for the plant but can remove dust and reduce the risk of pests.

Kentia palm trees requires relatively little light. It can grow on darker/shadier spots. 3 hours of direct sunlight is generally best, however. Howea forsteriana is also not very picky regarding fertilizers. It can grow well without a fertilizer, though fertilizers do boost the growth a little. If you fertilize the palm, do so from April until September. It can happily grow in any well drained soil. You could for example use our palm potting soil.

Repotting Kentia palm trees (don’t!)

We do not recommend to repot Howea forsteriana as often as most plants. The palm tree is a slow growing palm tree with not too many roots, so repotting is generally unnecessary and could even potentially damage the plants. You can place the Kentia palm in a decorative pot. Make sure the decorative pot is slightly bigger than the pot we ship the plant in. That way, you can give the plant a nice pot without potentially damaging the plant – plus, it saves you from the work of having to repot the plant.

Order the Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana) online

Are you convinced of the beauty & ease of this palm tree? Order Howea forsteriana online at MyPalmShop and have the palm tree delivered to your home. We deliver throughout the entire European Union. Plants ordered at MyPalmShop will be delivered to you as quickly as possible. For questions regarding your order, you can contact our customer service – they are happy to help you.

As specialist, we can advise you regarding all the different species, characteristics, maintenance and options regarding exotic plants. Are you looking for beautiful and remarkable plants for your home or garden? We can help you find ideal plants and palm trees and ensure you have to know-how to care of these. That way, you can enjoy your own tropical ambiance at home.

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