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Howea forsteriana

Howea forsteriana - total height 130-150 cm - pot Ø 20 cm
Howea forsteriana Kentia palm

€ 49,95

per piece

Howea forsteriana - pot Ø 27 cm
Howea forsteriana Kentia palm

€ 94,95

per piece

Howea forsteriana - pot Ø 45 cm [pallet]

€ 195,00

per piece

Kentia palm

The elegant leaves of Howea forsteriana make the Kentia palm to a popular plant for many living rooms. Both the thin, long petioles and the lanceolate leaves have a fresh, green colour that brighten up any interior. It has a fountain-like appearance due to its leaves. Howea forsteriana, in combination with an ornamental pot, make it a real eye-catcher for indoors. It can easily withstand less light, and is both strong and easy to care for. The ideal indoor palm tree!

Would you like to add a Kentia palm to your interior? At MyPalmShop, you can find various heights. That way, you can the option to choose for the size that fits your interior best. Besides, you can always contact us regarding the care of this palm.

The advantages of Howea forsteriana

We know Howea forsteriana best as the Kentia palm. It is extremely popular among plant loves and homeowners, due to its high decorative value and the ease of its maintenance. It is a strong plant that can even be placed in a low light environment. Not only that, but it can even survive drier conditions. We do recommend keeping the soil humid. You can easily water the palm weekly, especially in deeper pots. Always try to keep the soil lightly humid, but not soaked.

Suitable for office buildings

The low-maintenance character of Kentia palm trees make them exceptionally suited for office buildings. They require barely any care whilst still offering a great ornamental addition.

Caring for Howea forsteriana

Howea forsteriana is an easy and strong plant. Despite that, it is good to know how to care for this plant.

  1. Watering:
    • It does not require a lot of water.
    • The soil should remain slightly humid; check the humidity of the soil (by putting a finger in the soil) before watering.
    • Prevent soaking the soil to avoid root problems.
    • Spraying the plant is recommended, especially with dry air, to clean dust and remove pests.
  2. Light:
    • It needs little light; it can grow quite well in darker locations.
    • Do not expose the plant to direct sunlight for more than 3 hours a day.
  3. Fertilizer:
    • It requires very little when it comes to fertilizer.
    • Can survive without fertilizer, but palm fertilizer will enhance the growth, especially during April until September.
  4. Soil requirements:
    • Can grow in many different soils, as long as it is well drained.
    • Palm potting soil can be used for optimal results.

Do not repot Kentia palms

We generally do not recommend repotting the Kentia palm often. As it grows slowly, it produces few roots, so repotting is more likely to damage the plant more than not. You can, of course, put the Kentia palm in an ornamental pot. Make sure the ornamental pot a few centimetres larger than its growing pot. That way, you can have a decorative pot without causing too much damage to the plant. Of course, not having to repot often also saves you a lot of time!

Common problems (and solutions)

Kentia palms, although tough and low-maintenance, can run into several common problems. Discolouration can happen when the plant becomes sunburnt or if it receives insufficient nutrients. Provide filtered light and regular fertilizer to help maintain its beautiful green colour. Dry leaves can be a sign of a too low humidity. This can be solved by spraying regularly or by using an air humidifier. This can also help against pests, as it discourages them from attaching to your plant. Use mild insecticides if you ever get a large amount of pests, though this is not common.

Personal health advantages

Aside from its ornamental value, Howea forsteriana also offers significant health advantages. The palm is known for its air purifying abilities, which allow it to improve the air quality indoors. It filters toxic substances from the air and turns them into oxygen. This is particularly interesting in cities, where it can improve the air quality – leading to advantages such as a better concentration. By adding a Kentia palm to your home or office, you can benefit from its ornamental value, but also from cleaning, healthier air.

Ask your specialist!

As specialist in exotic plants and trees, we can advise you about various species, the maintenance and the care of the plants in our assortment. Are you looking for beautiful and characteristic plants for your home or garden? We are happy to help you so you can enjoy new additions for many years to come.

Buying a Kentia palm at MyPalmShop!

Are you convinced about the beauty and ease of maintenance of a Kentia palm? Order your Howea forsteriana at MyPalmShop and have it delivered to your home in no-time. We deliver in all of the EU. We only select the best plants to ship to you. For questions about your Kentia palm or any of our other products, you can always contact our customer service. They are happy to help!.