• Large and unique assortment
  • Quick delivery all over Europe
  • Your specialist in exotic plants and trees
Your specialist in exotic plants and trees

Why MyPalmShop?

Large and unique assortment 

MyPalmShop has a large and unique assortment of exotic plants and trees. You will not only find palm trees, but also exotics such as tree ferns, yuccas, olive trees and citrus plants. Whether you are looking for an eye catcher or for a small plant to raise yourself, you will find plenty of choice at MyPalmShop. 

We keep our stock and assortment up to date. In other words, all our plants are in stock. We keep good ties with our growers and purchase large amounts of goods. Furthermore, we grow some of our own palms as well. That way, we can offer you competitive prizes. 

Swift and cheap deliveries over all of Europe 

We work hard to deliver your order at its new home as swiftly as possible. We deliver in nearly all European countries. In most cases deliveries take place in 3 business days. Our delivery prices are competetive, as we send out many pallets and parcels each day.

Specialist in exotic plants and trees

MyPalmShop has many years of experience with palm trees and exotic plants. Because of our experience, we can offer excellent service all round. Our product descriptions are written based on our own experience with plants. We have learned to take proper care of our plants - including during packing. Last but not least, our experience customer service can help you with any question about exotic plants and trees!

Alle costs visible on the screen

All you need to do is choose a country of destination and all prices will be shown in your shopping cart, based on the weight and volume. All prices for parcels are visible - no string attached. 

Pallet deliveries to most nearby countries will be calculated automatically. Unfortunately our system cannot calculate pricing for pallets to countries furter away (Balkan, Southern- and Eastern Europe); for more information, see our 'shipping and delivery page'. 

Top Quality

We aim for top quality. Should there by any damages through transport of your order, you can contact us. Please include pictures of the damage, as well as your order number.
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