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Trithrinax campestris

This is a stunningly beautiful palm from Argentina and Uruquay. It will tolerate severe cold and withstand high winds; mature established palms have reputedly taken -17C without damage but we always recommend protection in severe conditions.
It is equipped with vicious spines on ends of leaf tips and trunk and is usually a clumping or (occasionally6) single trunked palm growing to 5 metres (15 feet) in height. It has a tight crown of stiff palmate leaves, silver/blue on top and glaucous green underneath. The trunk is spiny and is covered in a hessian-like fibre.
In habitat, the palm populates arid mountains in millions, withstanding long periods of drought and extreme heat in summer and cold temperatures in winter.

It has already become a very worthy garden plant in parts of Northern Europe. However it will always be rare and difficult to find as it is very slow growing. The only way to obtain a large plant is to buy an imported specimen!
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