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Trachycarpus takil


This beauty comes from Kalamuni in the district of Uttarakhand in the high mountains of Northern India. The Nanda devi mountain is only 10 km away (7800 metre). These plants grow between 2200 and 2800 metres and tolerate temperatures as low as -10C in their native habitat!


We consider them to be the best and most hardy of all Trachycarpus! Stiffer leaves than fortunei with silver undersides - really wonderful to behold. The fibre and leaf shape seem much more similar to Trachycarpus princeps, manipur and oreophilus, than to fortunei. This palm grows quite close to the permanent snowline and the locals confirmed they can experience several months of snow in winter at the higher elevations, so it promises to be one of the cold-hardiest palms in existence!

Following the travels of Martin Gibbons in the early nineties to 'rediscover' this plant we regularly undertake journeys to find the Takil ourselfes and have harvest our own seeds from high in the Himalayas! We have been cultivating our own plants since 2007.

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