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Trachycarpus sp. 'Manipur'

This exciting new Trachycarpus species has only recently been discovered growing at high altitude on the Himalayan arch near to the border of Burma with Manipur and Nagaland, India. 
At least 7 distinct populations are growing in a remote area where access is almost impossible for westerners. The Trachycarpus sp. 'Manipur' is also known as Trachycarpus sp. Naga hills and Trachycarpus sp. ukrhulensis, and grows to heights of up to 15 metre (45 feet) tall with a straight, bare trunk. 
Its closest relations are Trachycarpus princeps, Trachycarpus takil and Trachycarpus oreophilus. As a young plant it displays an extreme creeping habit and has distinctive thick glaucous leaves on elongated petioles. The white backs to the leaves manifest themselves as the mature leaves develop. 
Trachycarpus sp. 'Manipur' is extremely frost hardy and is larger than Trachycarpus fortunei. It has impressive white undersides to the leaves and looks set to be one of the best palms for the future. 

It is distinguishable from Trachycarpus princeps by its much more robust stature and coarser appearance. Trachycarpus sp. 'Manipur' is a major league Trachycarpus!