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Palm trees

Palmea, the palm tree family

ARECACEA, otherwise known as Palmea, is a family consisting of more than 5000 species of plants. All belong to the monocot order, meaning that as seedlings the plants have a single leaf (cotyledon), as opposed to plants of the bicot order, which have two leaves as seedlings and are called dicotyledons. The monocot order is further divided into six families:

  • Coryphoideae - lobed leaves, solitary flowers
  • Calamoideae - includes climbing palms such as Rattans
  • Nypoideae - only one palm, Nypa fruticans which has a floating seed
  • Ceroxyloideae - beautiful spiral flowers
  • Arecoideae - the largest family, it contains more than 100 genera. These palms have pinnate (pointed) leaves and flowers arranged in groups of three
  • Phytelephotoideae - distinct monopodial flower clusters
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