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This beautiful Butyagrus is the product of Butia species being pollinated by Syagrus romanzoffiania. The result  is extremely frost hardy and provides the best chance to grow a coconut-lookalike in the North of Europe.
Mature established palms in Florida have in past years recovered from temperatures as low as -10C.

The palm is sterile, hence its nickname the 'Mule palm'. As the palms must be produced by hand pollination and nurture, they are rather expensive. But they"re worth it!

We import and sell both nurtured examples from Moultrie palms in Florida ( xButyagrus nabonandii ) , and natural hybrids of Butia odorata and Butia eriospatha from Brazil. We note that Butyagrus with butia odorata as the mother plant produces a much slimmer trunked and more graceful Butyagrus than with Butia eriospatha as the mother plant. The latter cross produces the most enormous hybrids.

The nurtured xButyagrus nabonandii from Moultrie palms in Florida are high quality, very consistent , fast growers and very beautiful.

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