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Home / Phoenix roebelenii: the perfect plant for indoors

Phoenix roebelenii: the perfect plant for indoors

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Phoenix roebelenii: the perfect plant for indoors

Plants are not just beautiful to look at, they also have plenty of advantages to our wellbeing. They purify the air, reduce stress and increase our concentration and production. But which plant is perfect for your interior? We would like to introduce the Phoenix roebelenii, also known as the pygmy date palm. MyPalmShop would love to explain why this palm is such a great addition to your home.

Perfect as indoor plant

Phoenix roebelenii is a small palm that is perfect to be kept indoors. It generally does not grow larger than 2 metres, making it suitable for smaller rooms too. This palm is native to southeastern Asia, and thus used to warmer temperatures. It does not require too much maintenance, so it is even suitable for people with a busy lifestyle.

Beautiful appearance

Phoenix roebelenii is not only easy to maintain, but it also has a fantastic appearance. The palm has long, thin leaves that hang elegantly from its crown. The leaves are green with a fine structure. The trunk of the palm can be covered with fibres, but can also become ‘bald’. This trunk has a light brown colour. The combination of elegant leaves and ornamental trunk makes this palm an excellent decoration for indoors.

Air purifying

One of the most important reasons to get indoor plants, is that they purify the air. Phoenix roebelenii is no exception – in fact, it is great at it. The palm removes bad substances from the air, such as formaldehyde and benzene, and turns it into oxygen. This creates a healthier and cleaner environment at home.

Stress reducing

Aside from purifying the air, plants also help reduce stress. The presence of plants can lower our blood pressure and heartbeat, so we feel more relaxed and calm. Phoenix roebelenii is a great palm to experience this advantage. Its appearance is calming and its air purifying quality creates a pleasant atmosphere at home.

Indirect light and regular watering

Place Phoenix roebelenii at a spot with a lot of filtered or indirect light. Direct sunlight can cause sunburn. Do not forget to water regularly. Although drought resistant, we recommend keeping the soil humid at all times, but not drenched! Too much water will cause root rot.


Phoenix roebelenii is a beautiful and easy palm that is simply perfect for indoors. Its air purifying and stress reducing qualities help create a healthy and relaxing living environment. If you have not got a Phoenix roebelenii at home yet, we recommend looking for this amazing palm so you can benefit from all the amazing advantages this palm offers as well.

  MyPalmShop     16-11-2023 09:36