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Which indoor plants are best suited for dark interiors?

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Which indoor plants are best suited for dark interiors?

If you have a dark room that you would like to decorate, it can be quite difficult to find a suitable plant. Many plants need sufficient light to grow properly. Fortunately, there are a few plants well suited in darker rooms as well, providing you green and ambiance to your interior. We will list them for you!

Howea forsteriana

Howea forsteriana, also known as the kentia palm, is a popular choice for people looking for an indoor plant that can thrive in a shady or darker location. It can reach a total height of 2.5 metres tall, and has dark green leaves that are beautiful to behold. Howea forsteriana is a relatively slow grower that does not need too much water, making it easy to care for, even for people with limited time.

Dicksonia antarctica

Dicksonia antarctica, also known as the soft tree fern, is another plant that can grow well in a shady location. It can grow significantly larger than Howea forsteriana – up to a height of 15 metres. In addition, it is especially well known for its long, elegant leaves that provide a great addition to any room. Furthermore, it needs a lot of water to survive, however.


Rhapis is a plant known for its remarkable, elongated leaves. There are various species of Rhapis, but most of them can grow well in a darker room. They generally do not need too much water and can survive in drier circumstances. A great example is Rhapis excelsa, a plant that can survive practically anything.


Ferns are plants that can thrive in humid areas, making them exceptionally well suited for bathrooms and other darker indoor areas. They have a wide variety of shapes that will be a great addition to any interior. They do not need a lot of light and often grow better in shade, but they do require additional water.


Aspidistra is one of the best plants for dark rooms. It requires little light and can survive well in dry conditions. They can survive a lot of neglect and have very few requirements for good growth.


Fatsia is a plant that is perfect for people without green thumbs. It is very easy to care for and can thrive in both light and dark environments. Fatsia has beautiful, green leaves that hang beautifully, providing a great addition to your interior. There are also cultivars with (half) white leaves or special ‘drawings’ on the leaves, such as ‘spider's web’.

Light remains important

If you are looking for indoor plants for a darker room, there are, fortunately, enough options to pick from. The examples we have mentioned above are merely a few examples of plants that can thrive in a darker location.

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