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How to take care of Dicksonia antactica

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How to take care of Dicksonia antactica

Dicksonia antarctica, also known as the Tasmanian tree fern, is a popular plant known for its appealing, elegant leaves and its ability to create a tropical atmosphere in every garden or interior. Read everything about Dicksonia antarctica here, for example about Dicksonia antarctica maintenance or Dicksonia antarctica growth.

Dicksonia antarctica as an indoor plant or for outside

Dicksonia antarctica indoor plant is a popular plant that is well known for its exotic appearance and large size. It is also known as the Tasmanian tree fern and originates in Australia, particularly Tasmania. As an indoor plant, Dicksonia antarctica will be an impressive addition to your interior, with its long, elegant leaves that curl downwards. Outdoors, it can be kept in a pot or planted out in a sheltered location. Do keep in mind, though, that it should be protected against severe frosts.

Dicksonia antarctica maintenance

Dicksonia antarctica maintenance is fortunately not very difficult. It grows best in a spot with sufficient shade, so make sure to choose a spot without too much sunlight. It is important to remember that its leaves are sensitive to sunburn, so avoid direct sunlight. Furthermore, Dicksonia antarctica loves humidity, especially indoors. You can spray the leaves with water and keep the soil humid. You can even give the fern water in its crown. If kept inside, consider using a humidifier to keep the air humidity on a higher level. That way, taking care of Dicksonia antarctica is a piece of cake.

Dicksonia antarctica growth

Dicksonia antarctica grows best if you maintain the plant properly. You can give the tree fern a boost by providing fertilizer once in a while. Use an organic fertilizer that is specially put together for ferns. Follow the instruction on the fertilizer. Our slow release, for example, requires you to apply once per month. It is not necessary to provide fertilizer in winter, as the plant is resting. Dicksonia antarctica does not require regular pruning. Only cut off dead or damaged leaves. It is possible to cut off a part of the trunk as well. That way, you can grow multiple trunks from a single plant. Make sure to prepare well before attempting this. Doing so correctly can give a nice look to your Dicksonia antarctica. Just do not forget that its trunk does not (re)grow fast.

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