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Home / The effect of light on Howea forsteriana: how to provide the right about of light?

The effect of light on Howea forsteriana: how to provide the right about of light?

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The effect of light on Howea forsteriana: how to provide the right about of light?

Are you the proud owner of a Howea forsteriana, also known as the Kentia palm? This exotic palm tree is beloved due to its elegant appearance and its ability to add a tropical touch to any interior. But did you know the correct amount of light is important for the wellbeing of this green beauty? That is why MyPalmShop will delve deeper into the effect of light on Howea forsteriana. We will also share some tips on how to provide the right amount of light.

Understand the light requirements of your Howea forsteriana

Howea forsteriana is native to Lord Howe island in the Pacific Ocean, where it is exposed to filtered light or shade. It can thrive in any location except in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause the leaves to burn and damage their health. That is why it is important to provide the right light circumstances for your indoor palm.

Placing your palm

Place your Howea forsteriana at a spot where it receives indirect sunlight, such as near a window with thin curtains. That way, your palm tree can absorb sunlight without being exposes to damaging UV-rays. A window on the north or east is often a good option, as it provides a balanced amount of light without overheating your palm.

Avoid too direct sunlight

Although Howea forsteriana likes having some light, avoid too much direct sunlight. This will cause the leaves to burn and decrease the health of your palm tree. If your palm is placed in a spot with direct sunlight, it is vital to use a thin curtain, sunscreen or other similar items to filter the light.

Check the colour of leaves regularly

The leaves of Howea forsteriana can indicate whether it receives the right amount of sunlight. Healthy leaves have a deep green colour. If the leaves turn yellowish, it may indicate too much sunlight. A bronze colour indicates sunburn. In both cases, it is vital to move your palm to a spot with less light.

Rotate for a balanced growth

To help your palm tree grow in a balanced manner, you can rotate the palm tree occasionally. That way, all sides of your plant will receive sufficient light, leading to this balanced growth and a better shape.

Perfect light circumstances

Providing the right amount of light for your Howea forsteriana is important for keeping its health and beauty. By using indirect sunlight and avoiding direct sunlight, in combination with occasionally checking the leaves, your Kentia will thrive in its new home.

We hope that this tips will help you create perfect conditions for Howea forsteriana. Enjoy this beautiful indoor palm tree and the atmosphere that it will bring to your living room.

  MyPalmShop     26-01-2024 13:28