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Home / Dicksonia antarctica in a pot: how to best care for this plant?

Dicksonia antarctica in a pot: how to best care for this plant?

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Dicksonia antarctica in a pot: how to best care for this plant?

Are you looking for a remarkable and exotic plant to spruce up your garden or exterior? Dicksonia antarctica, also known as the Tasmanian tree fern, is a beautiful plant that will definitely grab your attention. Although tree ferns generally grow best in open ground, they can also successfully be kept in a pot. MyPalmShop will provide you with some advices to maintain a potted Dicksonia antarctica.

Pot selection

When choosing a pot for your Dicksonia antarctica, it is important to provide a pot with sufficient space for the roots to grow in. Choose a pot that is 20-30% larger than its current pot. Also make sure that the pot has drainage holes to properly drain all surplus water, so your plant will not get root rot.

Potting soil

Using the right potting soil is important for growing your own Dicksonia antarctica in a pot. Choose a potting soil that is well drained, but not too sandy. A mixture of peat moss, bark and a small amount of sand can be a good choice. Add organic material, such as leaf mulch, to provide nutrients. Alternatively, you can use our palm potting soil.

Providing water

Dicksonia antarctica needs regular watering, especially during warm and dry periods. Keep the soil humid, but avoid drowning the roots by using well drained soil. Check the humidity of the soil regularly by digging into the soil for about 5 cm deep. If the soil feels dry, you can provide water again. Give Dicksonia antarctica a generous amount of water.


Dicksonia antarctica thrives in a shady or half-shady location. It is important to protect the tree fern against direct sun, especially during the warmest hours of the day, to avoid sunburn. Place the pot at a sheltered location where it is protected against hard winds and extreme weather.


To enhance the growth and health of Dicksonia antarctica, we recommend regular fertilisation. Use a balanced fertilizer and follow instructions on the packaging. Fertilizing is important during the growth season, which usually lasts from Spring until autumn. Most fertilizers need to be used every 4–6 weeks, but this varies per fertilizer.

MyPalmShop is ready to help

We hope that these tips and advices can help you maintain your Dicksonia antarctica in a pot. If you still need additional advice, do not hesitate to contact the team of MyPalmShop. We are always ready to help you with the care for your garden.

  MyPalmShop     16-05-2024 13:24