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How to best take care of Yucca rostrata

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How to best take care of Yucca rostrata

Yucca rostrata is a beautiful plant that is well known for its ornamental appearance and hardiness. It originates in the Chihuahua desert in Mexico/Texas and is perfect for any desert plant lover. It is a remarkable plant that can reach up to 6 metres tall and 1,5 metres wide. Its leaves are long, stiff, sword-like and blue of colour. During Summer, Yucca rostrata can flower with large cream-white flowers that stand out on top of the plant. In this blog, we will tell you how to best take care of this beautiful plant.

Yucca Rostrata maintenance

Yucca Rostrata maintenance is relatively easy, though it requires a little bit of know-how to ensure good health for the plant. It prefers a sunny spot and can be placed in open ground or kept in a pot. Ensure well drained soil, as Yucca rostrata dislikes wet feet. It is best to not give the plant water often, but when you do, give it a good amount, especially during the warm summer months. If you keep that in mind, you will be able to take care of your Yucca rostrata easily!

Yucca Rostrata in a pot

If you decide to keep your Yucca rostrata in a pot, it is good to report it every few years. The best time to do so is during Spring, when the plant starts growing. Ensure the new pot is a little bit bigger than the old one, and use well drained soil. That way, you can give your Yucca rostrata a good new home.

Yucca Rostrata fertilizer

Providing fertilizer for your Yucca Rostrata can help your plant remain healthy and strong. Be careful, however, as giving too much fertilizer is potentially damaging for your plant. Provide fertilizer during the growth season by giving small amounts of slow release fertilizer for palm trees or exotic plants. Never use more than the recommended amount, and avoid providing fertilizer when the plant is in ‘hibernation’ during winter. Bear in mind, Yucca rostrata is naturally able to thrive in dry and nutrient-poor soil, so fertilizer is optional, but it will help keep your plant in its best condition.


Yucca rostrata does not require pruning, but it is possible to remove old dead leaves. The best time to do so is in Spring, right before the plant starts to grow. You can also decide not to prune the Yucca once it has created a trunk. By leaving the leaves, they fold around the trunk, giving it a sort of ‘skirt’, creating a rougher look.


Yucca rostrata flowers during summer with beautiful white flowers that stand tall above the plant. The flowers look spectacular and usually last several weeks. The seeds are produced after flowering and can be used to grow new plants.

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