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Home / How to care for desert plants indoors?

How to care for desert plants indoors?

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How to care for desert plants indoors?

Desert plants are beautiful plants that require very little maintenance and are often very ornamental. They are resistant against extreme temperatures and dry circumstances, making them very suited for indoors. If you plan to get your own desert plants indoors, it is important to know how to care for them. That is why MyPalmShop will tell you all about the beautiful desert plants.

These are desert plants

Desert plants are plants that originate in dry areas. They are used to extreme temperatures and have adapted to long periods of drought. Examples are cacti and succulents. They often have thick, fleshy leaves that can store water, making them ideal for people who do not have a lot of time to care for their plants.

Light and temperature

Desert plants require a lot of light to grow and flower. That is why it is important to place them near a window with sufficient sunlight. Be careful to place plants in direct sunlight too suddenly, as that may cause sunburn. Also keep them away from air conditioning. The cold air may cause damage to the plant or limit growth and flowering.

Watering and fertilizer

Desert plants do not require a lot of water, as they are used to dry circumstances. That is why it is important to only water them if the soil has fully dried up. Provide sufficient water to make the soil humid again, but without drenching it. If the soil becomes drenched, it may cause root rot. Also, avoid over fertilizing. Desert plants generally require few nutrients, so only offer proper desert plant (or cactus) fertilizer and stick to the indicated dosage.

Potting and soil

Desert plants thrive in porous pots, such as terracotta. These pots improve the drainage, making it harder to soak the soil. Use special desert plant or cacti potting soil. This soil is more airy and contains fewer nutrients than normal potting soil.


The maintenance of desert plants is generally pretty easy. Clean the plants regularly to remove dust and increase the air quality. Use a humid sponge or cloth. Check the leaves regularly for pests and diseases. If you notice pests or diseases, treat them with suitable means, such as pesticides or fungicides.

Care and attention

Desert plants can be a beautiful and interesting addition to your home or office, but they require some specific care and attention. Provide sufficient light, avoid overwatering and use well drained soil. By following these tips, your desert plants will remain healthy and happy.

  MyPalmShop     19-12-2023 11:33