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Home / Cycas revoluta vs other popular indoor plants: What are the differences?

Cycas revoluta vs other popular indoor plants: What are the differences?

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Cycas revoluta vs other popular indoor plants: What are the differences?

Are you looking for a new indoor plant, but unsure which one to choose? MyPalmShop would like to look at the Cycas revoluta in comparison to other popular indoor plants. That way, you can make an educated choice!

Cycas revoluta: the king of indoor plants

Cycas revoluta, also known as the sago palm, is a popular indoor plant due to its elegant apperance. These plants are native to the Far East and is one of the oldest plant species in the world. Cycas revoluta is generally considered the king of indoor plants due to its imposing looks.

One of the largest advantages of Cycas revoluta is that it lasts very long and requires little maintenance. It is well suited for people with no experience in taking care of plants. They have a unique appearance that stands out, especially compared to other indoor plants.

other popular indoor plants

There are of course more popular indoor than the sago palm. Below, we will discuss some of these plants and their differences compared to Cycas revoluta.

Monstera deliciosa: The Swiss cheese plant

Monstera deliciosa, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, is a plant that has become extremely popular over the last few years. It has large leaves with holes in them, giving the plant its remarkable appearance. A large difference between Cycas revoluta and Monstera deliciosa, is that the Monstera requires significantly more care. It needs more water and the occasional water spraying to stay in door condition.

Ficus lyrata: the fiddle-leaf fig

Ficus lyrata, also known as the fiddle-leaf fig, has an elegant appearance. It has large fiddle-like leaves, contributing to its popularity. The largest difference with Cycas revoluta is that Ficus lyrata needs more maintenance. It needs more water and like the Monstera, regular spraying of water.

Sansevieria: mother-in-law’s tongue

Sansevieria, also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, is a popular indoor plant due to its tough and robust appearance. It has long, pointy leaves and requires less maintenance than Cycas revoluta. It also grows slower.


Cycas revoluta is a beautiful indoor plant that requires little maintenance and can last for a long time. Other popular plants, such as Monstera deliciosa, Ficus lyrata and Sansevieria each have their own characteristics and appearances. Which plant suits you best depends on your personal preferences and living conditions. Now that you know more about the various indoor plants and their characteristics, you might wonder where to buy these plants. At MyPalmShop, you can find a large range of high quality indoor plants.

  MyPalmShop     15-11-2023 10:01