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Partitions and privacy

We all want to feel protected and safe in our gardens. This does not mean, however, that all types of garden partition are pleasant! You can create a sense of home in your own garden by using natural materials that blend in effortlessly with the surroundings of the garden. These garden fence products also provide necessary privacy. In our webshop you can find a wide range of garden partition products that offer both privacy and protection. If you pay a little extra attention to your garden partition, everyone is happy, including the neighbours!

Garden partition products

In our assortment you will mainly find materials such as bamboo and wood. Bamboo in particular is a sustainable grass species because of its rapid growth. That's why is why we prefer to use it. Bamboo does,however, require an extra layer of protection against weathering. You can also find this in our webshop. And it is a good idea to screen off your garbage bins so that you do not have to look at them in the garden. For this purpose we offer screens that keep the garbage bins out of view. In winter you may want to give your plants extra winter protection against the cold. A coconut cloth is very suitable for this. As you can see, it is our pleasure to offer you special and practical products for privacy and garden partition.

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