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The cypress is a beautiful and easy to maintain tree. This tree will allow you to have your own green paradise, with dense evergreen branches. So in short: are you looking for a bit of green for your garden or balcony? Then the Cypress is one of the best answers.

You can find various species of cypress in our assortment. Some of these grow as a conical tree, others grow more shrub-like. The upright growing, dense branches that give a compact whole are among the characteristics of these varieties. Depending on your preference, you can choose a tree that will have its beauty throughout the entire year.

Pick the right cypress for your garden

Which species of cypress fits best in your garden? Depending on the ambiance and look your want to add to your garden, there are a few different cypresses to choose from. You can find the small, remarkable cypresses that you can commonly find along the roads in Italy, but you can also find shrubs with a round shape. A combination of various species can definitely also look beautiful.

Did you know that most cypresses are hardy? That makes a cypress ideal for any garden. Cypresses are often used as hedges as well – such as along the driveway or in your garden. Due to the dense growth of the branches, you will never have any holes in your hedge, so that a cypress can add to the privacy in your garden.

Location & maintenance

A cypress can grow grow up to 20 cm per year. Of course, you will need to give the cypress proper care. Make sure to give the tree water regularly. In addition, most cypresses prefer sun or half-sunny spot. Make sure to take a good look at the specifications beforehand.

As we offer a variety of cypress trees, you can benefit from a large selection of options. We have added additional information to help you make the right choice for your garden.

order your cypress online

Take a look at our selection of cypresses today. If you want to know more about cypresses, feel free to contact us. We are glad to help you out. Have you found a cypress that fits you? Then we will make sure you will receive this plant as soon as possible.

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