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Ornamental grasses

Provide peace and quiet to your garden or balcony with graceful ornamental grasses. Ornamental grasses can bring colour and a high decorative value. Some are even reminiscent of the grasses on dunes along coastal areas. You can easily imagine yourself in a calm and paradise with ornamental grasses. They can be described as calm and peaceful, but some grasses can also bring colour to your garden. An extra advantage of ornamental grasses is that they can often be combined with other grasses. If you cannot choose between multiple ornamental grasses, you can simply mix them and include all of them. Grasses are highly versatile.

Ornamental grasses in your garden: how to take care of these

Ornamental grasses are getting more and more common in gardens and on balconies. For good reason, if you ask us: they are not only very beautiful, but they are also very simple to maintain. Larger species of ornamental grasses, such as Miscanthus (eulalia or silvergrass) or Cortaderia (pampas grass) can create gorgeous shrub-like areas. These can be selected based on colour, shape and size. Smaller ornamental grasses can create a stunning carpet of various colours. By planting them closely together, they can be used as ground covers as well.

The best care

The main benefit of large of many ornamental grasses is their hardiness. There are even plenty of ornamental grasses that look great in Fall and Winter. The leaves and stems of the grasses protect the more vulnerable parts of the plant against moisture and frost. Bear in mind that the grasses require additional watering during the first year. Some grasses are also evergreen; you do not have to prune these in Spring. Should some leaves appear ugly after winter, you can simply cut these away. All bon evergreen grasses can be pruned, usually in early Spring.

Buying ornamental grasses

Are you enthusiastic about ornamental grasses as well? Take a quick look at our full assortment to purchase ornamental grasses. Should you have any question or do you simply want more information, you can contact us. We are ready to help so you can find the ornamental grasses that fit your garden or balcony. Have you made your choice? Do not wait too long with ordering them online. We will pack your order with care so you will receive your goods in pristine condition.

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