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Magnolia grandiflora set of 3: Gloriosa + Goliath + Nantais - pot Ø 22 cm

Magnolia grandiflora set

Gloriosa + Goliath + Nantais
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  • Large and unique assortment
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Magnolia grandiflora gloriosa (cultivated since 1860) carries exceptionally large flowers that bloom at a young age, and large glossy leaves. This evergreen tree has a broad conical growth habit. Leaves are dark green, leathery, shiny, broad ovoid, up to 20 cm (8 inches long) with rust-coloured, hairy undersides. The large fragrant flowers are cup-shaped and creamy white with 9-10 petals.

Magnolia grandiflora Goliath - This evergreen tree is, like any Magnolia grandiflora, famous for its big and beautiful flowers. These flowers emit a pleasant smell. The leaves are shiny, dark green leaves with rust-coloured undersides. In addition, they feel leathery and are quite stiff. The Magnolia is known to be winterhard, but it needs some protection against particuarly the wind, especially in its early years.
Magnolia grandiflora Nannetensis is a large-flowered old cultivar from France which often has extra petals making it look like it is doubled flowered. One of the first bloomers as a young plant. Magnolia grandiflora Nannetensis also goes under the name Magnolia grandiflora Double Nantais.The leaves are evergreen, medium to dark green, strong and leathery, with undersides covered with rust brown indumentum. It grows quickly; 30-40 cm (12-18 inches) per year. Pruning is not recommended, but if you have a small garden, and need to, do this after the frost in the early spring. If the branch has a flower bud, only cut it after the flower has faded.
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Total height:

60+ cm


Ø 22 cm


Winter hardiness:

Fully hardy


Water moderately


Light sun/light shade

Shipping weight:

11.4 kg

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