Yuccas and Agaves

The choice of a Yucca or an Agave for your home or garden will guarantee you a spectacular result! Yuccas and Agaves come from the South of the United States and Mexico and are famous for their amazing foliage and splendid colors, always adding something unique to the interior or garden. You can safely plant Yuccas and Agaves in your garden as these plants can withstand temperatures well below 0° C. These desert plants have great resistance, grow very slowly and require little maintenance. In short, beautiful and easy to maintain, what more could you desire?

Many species, many sizes

The Yucca and Agave may be slow-growing plants, but you will find that we have them in many sizes. Yucca rostrata can reach several meters in height. The plants have numerous varieties ranging from elongated and lanceolate leaves to rigid, very slender linear forms. Agaves often offer highly sought-after colours and patterns of foliage, all of which are fully available at MyPalmShop.com. These plants thrive in dry soils and easily survive our winters. They can be valuable additions to the perennials in your collection. Their often symmetrical forms remain attractive and decorative for a long time, and are eminiently suited, for example, to rock or desert and cactus garden.

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