A plant that suggests wild Mexican deserts, Tex-Mex and large meadows. Yucca is a multi-faceted plant that can withstand all weather conditions, including frost and drought. Its amazing architectural shape makes it a great feature in your home or garden. There are many species of Yuccas. The Spanish Dagger, the Spineless yucca and the Pink Passion are all beautiful specimens. This plant has sharp leaves and is surprisingly resistant to all weather conditions. Of course, it will need care and attention from time to time; leaves may decolour suddenly. This plant, which is native to Central and South America is available in no less than 30 different species.

Solid and hardy

Yuccas are perfect planted in pots or in all types of greenhouses and verandas. They also like the garden, in the ground. These plants like the sun, but do not tolerate moisture and rain well. The roots of Yuccas are powerful, woody and stringy. When buying, it is important to check it is well rooted, so that the plant will support its transplantation better and will not have growth problems. Since the plant is afraid of moisture, we advise you to plant it in a well-drained substratum so that the water does not stay at the root level and circulates adequately. Finally, be careful to protect against moisture during the winter to help it survive.

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