Winter protection of plants

We frequently forget to protect our plants from the chills of winter on time. Or our protection is inadequate, while we know full well that we are taking a risk with our valuable exotic outdoor plants. Some are really hardy and we can get away with it, but there are so-called semi-hardy species. To avoid any surprises or disappointments, we strongly recommend that you carefully cover and protect your exotic plants during the winter.

A wide choice of winter protection

To help your plants to winter well, we offer different types of protection. We can advise you to make the right choices in the protection of your plants. Our range includes, for example, an assortment of winter covers, woven weather protection, various heating options, heating cables and special plant covers. And this to name but a few of our winter protection accessories ... on these pages you will find all the products you might possibly need. If you still doubt or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Together we will look at what solution we think is the most appropriate.

Invest a little time to protect your plant and make sure your plants get the winter they deserve every year! Also, take a look at our Grass turf and grass seed!

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