Tree ferns

The natural habitats of tree ferns are found in many parts of the world. Only a few years ago it was discovered that these very special ferns can adapt to our European gardens and they have since become very popular. The surprisingly large and elegant fronds of a tree fern make it a very attractive plant in all gardens. As long as it is given the right amount of water, the tree fern can be used as a splendid indoor plant, and looks great in the greenhouse or veranda.

Various types of tree fern

You can easily find the most suitable tree fern to suit any location in the garden. Tree ferns do not all have the same hardiness. The Blechnum of Brazil is the most cold resistant tree fern. With a good mulch at its feet, this fern is hardy and green in winter.
The Cyathea Australis is also a splendid option for European gardens. If you want to use your tree fern as an indoor plant, the Cyathea tomentosissima 'Highland Lace' is a good choice. This relatively small fern grows well indoors, as long as the soil is kept moist.
Make sure when buying a tree fern to inquire about its size when mature. Some species can reach 10 metres (30 feet) in height!

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