Shrub pruning and topiary art

Do you love plants and do you enjoy pruning them into shapes? Topiary is an increasingly popular hobby. We have noticed this and have developed a wide range of plants and trees that are easy to prune into the most beautiful shapes. By creating your own masterpieces, you add unique elements to your garden. Some plants can only be sculpted into simple shapes, but we also have plants that can be pruned several times so, for example, even animal shapes can be created! This way your garden truly becomes your own unique haven!

Topiary art

If you are planning a topiary project, we invite you to choose the plants you will need in advance. Not all plants tolerate strong pruning, but we have a large number of plants in our range that offer remarkable possibilities. As with any art form, you will need to arm yourself with patience, practice and consistency to create the exact shapes you have in mind. These plants are available in quick order on

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