Palms and Olives

When you think of olive trees or palm trees, you will probably not associate them directly with Western European gardens. Yet there are enough species that do well in our cold part of the world. The wonderful thing about palm trees and olive trees is, that they instantly have a great effect on the feel of our gardens. They immediately remind us of the summer holidays. The dark coloured, blue or gray leaves of an olive tree are very different from those of any Western European tree and have therefore a different effect on the garden.

In winter

Olive trees and palm trees are quite tough. Nevertheless, in winter it is advisable to repot young trees in particular and put them indoors. If a palm tree is too big to be kept indoors, you can wrap the crown of the tree to protect it. It is particularly important to protect the growing point which is located at the top of the tree. Olive trees are usually smaller and can be moved around more easily. All plant types are different and some of them can withstand lower temperatures better than others. So inquire well before you buy a tree!

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