Buying outdoor palms

With outdoor palms you can create a warm, subtropical atmosphere in your garden. In Western-Europe, it is best to choose one of our beautiful cold and frost resistant palm species. With our decorative outdoor palms, you can give your garden that tropical or Mediterranean look. Experience yourself how easy it is to bring the Mediterranean to your own homestead.

Wagner palm: palm for a tropical ambiance

The Trachycarpus wagnerianus (Wagner palm) is one of those outdoor palms that grow very well as a tub plant in Western-Europe. It is a compact palm with dark green, fan-shaped leaves, that provides your garden with a beautiful tropical ambiance. A great feature of the wagnerianus is its resistance to wind and cold. Water this palm well and place it in slightly acidic soil that is kept moist for optimal growth. Other good suggestions for beautiful outdoor palms include our cycas.

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