Special shrubs and hedge plants

Shrubs and hedge plants can be a wonderful addition to any garden. Not only do they look beautiful, most species are entirely evergreen and the plants are also ideal as a screen between your and your neighbours' garden. At MyPalmShop.com you will find an extensive range of shrubs and hedge plants. Here you will find traditional shrubs and hedges, and under the heading Other shrubs and hedge plants you will also find a number of special species. You could consider, for example, a strawberry tree for your garden. Or what about a tea plant, hornbeam or Californian Cypress? These are shrubs and hedges that can significantly enhance your garden.

Other shrubs and hedge plants

Shrubs and hedge plants can be obtained in all shapes and sizes. Consider a large hedge for extra privacy, or planting smaller shrubs elsewhere in the garden. Shrubs and hedges are not just suitable as natural screens, they are also plants that always look amazing. On our website you will find a wide range of these shrubs. Also take a look at the Rhododendron!

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