Special ground cover plants

Special ground cover plants can be planted underneath shrubs and trees in the garden. Depending on the species, these ground cover plants should be put in the shade, partial shade or full sun. These plants make the garden complete, because they ensure that unwanted plants, such as weeds, do not get a chance to grow. These ground cover plants are therefore very useful in the garden. But did you know that ground cover plants are anything but boring? They are often beautiful plants with beautifully shaped leaves and sometimes beautiful flowers. Combine several ground cover plants and make your garden complete.

Functional greenery

Special ground cover plants are functional greenery, which means that the garden needs these plants to function well. Apart from the fact that no other plant can grow where ground cover plants are planted, these plants also add something special to the garden. The special ground cover plants retain important nutrients and moisture for the remaining plants, shrubs and trees. And, of course, they impede the growth of any weeds and other unwanted plants, so they also save you a lot of time.

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