Special exclusive plants

Among the special exclusive plants the multi-stemmed Yucca rostrata stands out. It is a beautiful, strong palm, with long blue/grayish leaves. This Yucca grows upwards and after a while, the narrow, gray leaves in the crown can start forming a sphere. The Yucca rostrata has its natural habitat in the northeastern Mexican and western Texan deserts. In these regions it can freeze at night while during the day it gets extremely warm. However, this palm is also perfectly suited to our climate.


The Yucca rostrata can be kept in the ground. It is hardy, provided it is placed in a dry spot and is already well rooted before planting. Protection of the palm is only necessary at temperatures below -20 ° c. The Yucca does not need special soil, but keep in mind that it loves dry and sunny conditions, so a spot in the full sun would be ideal for this palm. You can find the Yucca rostrata in the exclusive plants category in our webshop.

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