Other desert plants

Are you looking for a way to bring your garden to life? A good way to achieve this is to put desert plants in your garden. These plants provide your garden with architecture and contrast. The most famous desert plants are the Yucca and the Agave. We have several types in our range, both well known and lesser known species. So there is a suitable plant available for everyone. Many of the desert plants are hardy, which means they will survive our cold winters. However, with extreme frosts it is sometimes better to cover the leaves or stem. In general, the plants prefer a place in the (full) sun.

Various types of plants

You could, of course, choose the standard Yucca that many people have in their garden. This plant looks really impressive. But if you are looking for a great eyecatcher in your garden, then the Woolly Jelly Palm (Butia eriospatha), a beautiful feather palm from South America, may be the plant for you!

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