Banana plant: tropical feeling in home and garden

Do you recognize that feeling? That desire for a wonderful exotic atmosphere in and around your home? The tropics at home, your own mini jungle in our cold and wet climate? Look no further, stay on our website and wander with us through our own jungle of Musa plants. Be amazed by the atmosphere that the Musa plant can provide. There is no plant that radiates a jungle atmosphere more than the Musa.

Banana plant

The Musa is commonly known as the banana plant. "Banana plants .. in our country?", you may wonder. Yes indeed, it is certainly possible! In our climate we cannot expect a great deal in terms of fruit, but the banana plant is an exception. With its beautiful, huge leaves, the Musa plant gives every garden a real "jungle feel". The Musa plant can grow up to 2 metres high. Imagine looking at those beautiful, sturdy, leathery leaves in your garden! After a wonderful, long, late summer the leaves will slowly start to die off, but fortunately, as soon as early spring starts, the plant will start to bring back the tropical feeling in the garden. Also have a look at our herb plants.

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