Ground cover

If gardening is your hobby, you will have probably come across the weed problem. You could remove the weeds every time they grow back, but there is another way to get rid of them. With ground cover plants in your garden, weeds will not be able to grow. In our range of ground covering plants we have many beautiful varieties that are an asset to any garden. We advise you to have a good look at our assortment where you will definitely find ground cover plants that suit your garden.

An even better looking garden with our ground cover plants

Ground cover plants serve an extra purpose. Not only do the plants look beautiful and ensure that weeds do not stand a chance, they can also be used as a wonderful base for further expansion of your garden. These types of plants will develop exactly the way you want them to, and will keep your borders nicely covered. Just have a look at our website and find the plants we have available for you in this category. Orders can be placed easily in our webshop, and delivery to your home is rapid. Hava a look here at our deciduous ground cover plants.

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