Whatever the occasion: a birthday, Christmas, Father's or Mother's day, with a gardening gift you can show people you care about them. People like to look after each other, animals and plants. Choose a meaningful plant together with, for example, a handy accessory. With a growing kit you can see a promising seed developing into a mature plant. There is nothing more exciting than to watch your plant seeds germinate. And with a gardening gift, children, for example, can explore and experience the cycle of life. In our webshop you can find the best gifts for every occasion.

A plant voucher: make your own choice

Does the birthday boy or girl like gardening, but you have no idea what they can still use for their garden or accessory arsenal? In this case a gift voucher is a great idea! It may seem less personal, but real enthusiasts will be more than happy to choose a gardening product themselves. With a plant voucher you give the recipient the freedom to choose something that really suits them. Our webshop has a large collection of plants, accessories and nursery items that can be obtained with a plant voucher.

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