Fan palms

A fan palm is a palm with hand-shaped lobed leaves. The big difference with feather-shaped leaves is that the leaf veins run from the stem in a circular fan to the end of the leaf. These plants occur not only in desert areas, but also high in the Himalayas.

Fan palms at the office

If you're looking for an eye catcher for, for example, your workplace, go for a fan palm! The fan palm is a strong plant and easy to care for. Fan palm trees thrive best in a light spot, but be careful not to place the plant in direct sunlight or near the heater. Give the palm sufficient water and it is also advisable to spray the plant often. In winter, the plant needs less water. You can also give them palm fertilizer twice a week. Palms are strong and help to keep the air clean in the room in which they stand. As a result, you will probably suffer less from fatigue and headaches. In addition, palms do not grow quickly and they do not eventually grow to more than 1.5 to 2 meters in height (5 - 6 feet). The ideal temperature for a palm is between 18 and 23 degrees celcius and that's why flourish so well in office spaces.

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