Create a unique garden with our exclusive trees

Fancy putting plants in your garden that are truly unique? Trees or shrubs that you can not find in any garden centre and are not in at least five other gardens in your street? Take a look at the assortment. We sell exclusive trees that you will not easily find anywhere else. These trees are not only unique, they also add something to the aesthetics of your garden. Take, for example, the beautiful Albizia, or our Maiden Hair tree. With these you can make your garden look really special!

Unique assortment

If you are looking for trees that are beautiful and that your guests will talk about for a long time, all you have to do is take a look at our Korean Fir or Bismark palm. This is just a small selection from our range of exclusive trees. Please note that these trees generally require a little more care than trees that are used to our climate. But with special trees like that in your garden, surely you would be happy to make the extra effort? Also look at our exclusive plants.

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