Edible trees (fruit trees)

We all know that fruit is tasty and healthy. But fruit from the trees in our own gardens is so much better! At MyPalmShop.com you can choose from a large variety of edible trees. These produce the most desirable types of fruit and you can easily grow them in your own garden. We have Western European fruit trees in our assortment, but if you are looking for the more exotic types, you have come to the right place. Fancy some delicious pomegranate or blueberries? From now on pick them in your own garden!

The tastiest edible trees

You may ask yourself whether edible trees will do well in your garden. We can wholeheartedly answer that question with yes. Whether you choose a strawberry tree, an orange tree, a plum tree or a kiwi tree, these trees will thrive in every type of garden. We do need to point out that some types need more care and attention than others. This extra care, however, will result in the best fruit you have ever tasted!

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