Beautiful and tasty: edible plants

On you can combine the pleasant with the useful. We sell a wide range of plants that do not only look beautiful in your garden, but are also edible! In the edible plants category in our webshop you can find the Rubus, the Actinidia and the Ribes.These names may not mean anything to you straight away, but the fruits that grow on these shrubs probably will. They are the blackberry, the kiwi and the red currant! This is just a selection from the wide range that you can find on our site.

Choose from our edible plants

Plums, strawberries and goji berries, you can find them all at Not only do these edible plants provide you with the tastiest fruits, you will also find that they add splendour to your garden. We advise you to carefully read the descriptions of these plants before purchasing. The plants in this category also include exotics that need extra attention. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

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