Ornamental grasses: a unique presence

In the autumn and during winter grasses can provide your garden with colour. The changing colours throughout the year and the wonderful accompanying rustling sounds will make your garden a very special place. And what about all the different shapes and forms of ornamental grasses? Beautiful compact spheres or large lush bushes with long, swaying plumes. Just thinking about it makes you feel you are in a completely different world. Calming, lush and colourful are perhaps the most appropriate words to describe these plants.


With the large species of ornamental grasses and palms, such as Miscanthus or pampas grass (Cortaderia) beautiful shrub-like blocks can be formed. You can make selections based on both colour and shape. With the smaller coloured grasses, you can even create a velvet carpet look. By planting them in swathes you can use them as a very special ground cover.

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