A fast-growing, quirky indoor palm

With the Cycas palm you bring history into your home. This palm dominated the earth during the Jurassic period. It is interesting to see that this plant is still doing so well these days. As this palm originates from the warm, Australian climate, it can mainly be used as a houseplant. But it can also handle a little frost. This palm can survive frosts of up to -3 degrees celcius.

Looks and species

Because of its quirky symmetrical shape, the Cycas is different to other palms. This palm's leaves are grassy green and the plant can reach a height of up to 3.5 metres (14 feet) when fully grown. The advantage of this palm is that it grows quickly. Even if you choose a small specimen, you will soon have a beautiful, large green plant in the corner of the room. We have various Cycas palms in our range. Have a look at our website to see which one suits your interior best. We sell, for example, the popular indoor plant Cycas revoluta and the lesser known frost-resistant Cycas panzihuaensis. Also have a look at the olives!

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