Clumping bamboo

Characteristic for bamboos of the Fargesia family is the fact that they are non-invasive (clumping). Some of them are also hardy, which is not unimportant in our Western European climate. Fargesia bamboo is therefore very popular in our gardens and parks. This non-invasive bamboo can attain heights of 5 metres (15 feet), but can easily be pruned (preferably in May-June). There are also species available that grow less high.

Position in the garden

This clumping bamboo is suitable for many purposes. Fargesia for example, is very suitable for hedging, as most of its species grow upward and compactly. The Fargesia Rufa is particularly suitable for this purpose, because it is the fastest growing species. Within a few years you will have an evergreen, compact bamboo hedge. As this is a clumping bamboo, it does not spread through your garden. This makes it suitable as a tub plant or as a solitary plant. When this bamboo is used as a solitary plant, the final size of the plant has to be taken into account. Because of its height and shape it is a real eye-catcher in your garden. Choose the bamboo you desire and we will ensure a fast and affordable delivery! Also check out our range of non-clumping bamboo.

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