Fascinating Agaves

Agaves are exceptionally beautiful plants that originate from North America. There are various types of Agave. These fascinating plants have many enthusiasts. They are also practical plants, supplying fibers that can be used for making mats and ropes. In Mexico, Tequila and Pulque are brewed from the pulp. It is sensational to see an Agave flower developing on its long stem. The Agave is a favourite in botanical gardens, as it is an elegant plant of mystical beauty.


Agaves belong to the cacti family called Succulents. The plants are not very demanding. Agaves are used to a great deal of sunlight, so direct sunlight is advisable. The plant needs little water. The soil must be dry before the next drink is given. Checking out the dryness of the deeper layers of the soil is important. Extra nutrition is not necessary, especially during the colder seasons. Repotting? It is advisable to wear gloves to protect yourself against the sharp leaves and the poisonous juice. Use a slightly larger pot each time you repot. This interesting plant is an absolute gem for your garden. Also have a look at other desert plants.

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